Here you can find everything I use for photography: a small reflex camera from Canon, 2 different lenses and some accessories. This is absolutely enough to be able to create beautiful food photos!

It does not always need an extremely expensive camera. Sure, it doesn't cost little money either, but this investment has definitely paid off. Apart from food photography, I use it for all kinds of photos: landscapes, portraits, holiday photos etc. It is a real all-rounder. Especially when it comes to holiday photos I am always happy about the good quality. It makes a big difference if you take pictures with a smartphone or with a real camera. What definitely made my life easier: the swivel display. This makes it easy to take pictures from any angle without having to twist your neck!

For really good depth-of-field photos I use the 50mm lens. This way the background becomes nice and blurred and the elements in the foreground look amazing! I also use this lens for food photos from above.

Also a good tripod is worth a lot to be able to shoot really sharp photos. If you additionally set a timer in your camera, you can be sure that nothing is blurred!

I also like to use a diffusor or reflector to soften the light or to block stray light.

Canon EOS 800D with kit lens*
50mm Lens for optimal depth of field*
Camera Tripod*
Diffuser and reflector*

I use all products myself and can therefore recommend them!

I hope I could give you a good insight. If you have any questions, feel free to write me!

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