Vegan Kebab with Seitan

Vegan kebab doesn't work? It does and that is really more than tasty! This kebab is prepared with Seitan Fix. I was looking for a good, vegan kebab alternative that is easy to prepare myself. Since we still have about 2kg of Seitan Fix here (no joke, it was only available in bulk packs at Christmas time), I thought that I could use it after all. Thought, done. It only took me half a year before I dared to prepare seitan. And it's much less difficult than I thought.

What is seitan anyway? Seitan is pure wheat gluten. Don't worry, it's not unhealthy! Even if the word "gluten" sounds so evil. People who are not gluten intolerant usually don't need to worry about eating seitan. Basically, seitan is obtained by washing starch and bran out of the ground grain and is in the end the sticky substance left over from wheat flour. This is then brought into powder form, which we buy in the supermarket as so-called Seitan Fix and can process further without any complications. Seitan is ideal as a meat substitute for vegetarians and vegans and has a very high protein content - over 25g protein per 100g - and a very low fat content.

You can use Tsatsiki for this recipe if you like, but other sauces of your choice are also possible. There are no limits to your imagination! Please have a look at my Tsatsiki recipe. It is really fast prepared and is in no way inferior to the original. Vegan for the win! :D

It would be best if you prepare both the seitan and the Tsatsiki one day in advance. So both can be done really well. But this is optional. It tastes incredibly delicious even when prepared at short notice, but a little less intense. By adding the spices to the dry seitan fix powder, the mass also gets a really nice colour and looks surprisingly similar to real gyros. After all, the eye eats along with it.

I bought the pita bread in an Arabic shop. Of course you can also use standard flat bread or make your own pita bread. You can do that without any problems with the Pizza Dough I showed you before.

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Vegan Kebab with Seitan

Vegan kebab doesn't work? It does and that is really more than tasty! This kebab is prepared with Seitan Fix and tastes more than delicious! So the seitan is almost like real gyros. And don't worry, the recipe looks more elaborate than it really is. Basically it is not difficult at all!

Duration 30 minutes
Ingredients for 3 Kebab
Seitan Base:
  • 100g Seitan Fix
  • 120g cold water
  • 1 teaspoon vegetable stock powder or spice paste
  • gyros or grill spice mixture¹
  • salt, pepper
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
Other ingredients:
  • 3 pita breads or 1 large flat bread quartered
  • Tsatsiki
  • vegetables of your choice:
  • lettuce (coleslaw, ...)
  • tomatoes
  • paprika
  • onions
  • avocado
  • ...
Seitan Base:
  1. mix Seitan Fix with dry spice mixture and vegetable stock powder in a bowl
  2. gradually add water and knead vigorously until a firm mass is formed, adding a little water if necessary
  3. cook the seitan mixture either in a saucepan for 20-25 minutes on a low heat or in a food processor for 30-40 minutes (the seitan should not be hard as stone, but a little soft, but not so soft that it falls apart)
  4. drain in a sieve and let it cool down, if you like you can carefully press out some liquid by hand
  5. cut into slices and then chop it a little bit to get a gyroscopic shape
  6. put it in a bread tin, add olive oil and again 1 tablespoon of the spice mixture, let it steep a little (at best prepare it the day before)²
  7. heat some olive oil in a frying pan, add the side pieces and fry over medium heat, turning it over and over until it is slightly browned and crispy
Prepare the Kebab:
  1. prepare the tsatsiki
  2. toast or grill the pita bread a little if you like and cut it open
  3. spread tsatsiki on the inside of the bread, add vegetable and salad filling
  4. add side filling
  5. another blob of tsatsiki on top, done and bon appétit!
¹ If you do not have a spice mix at home, you can also add a selection of the following spices (depending on what you have): garlic powder, paprika powder, oregano rubbed, rosemary, thyme rubbed, ground coriander, ground cumin, chili powder, marjoram rubbed. Especially paprika is important for the colour.
² It is really important that you not only season the Seitan Fix before cooking it, but also marinate it. That way the mass really gets a lot of taste. Otherwise it can happen very quickly that it becomes tasteless.
Nutritional values for 1 Kebab with Tsatsiki
705 kcal
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